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GOPAY – 3 Smart Ways To Save Money

3 Smart Ways To Save Money

Money is hard to earn and even harder to keep especially in today’s economy. Eating less and cutting down insurance is no way to live, nor is taking personal loans a smart option with bank interest rates on the rise.

There are smarter ways to save money that do not involve starving or getting into debt.

Here are 3 of them for your benefit.

#1 Prep a Grocery Shopping List

You know how you have the tendency to go grocery shopping because you happened to be nearby and thought you just needed milk? Then you end up buying a bunch of things you didn’t need but seemed like really good deals that your inner aunty could not resist but to buy them?

That impulse buying habit is exactly what makes you spend more than you think you have. Things like confectioneries and comfort foods are both expensive and not very good for you, so you lose on two fronts by giving in to impulse buying.

Instead, prepare a grocery list of things you need to get for the week, and some of the comfort foods you want. Start by planning what you intend to cook across the week, and list down all the ingredients you need. Then check around the house if you need to replenish any household items running low.  Stick. To. The. List. Resist the urge to buy more than you have listed down.

It’s simple, but you’d realise how much money you were wasting on things you didn’t need.


#2 Commitments + Savings First

For our younger readers, commitments refer to the fixed expenses you incur from loans you’ve taken like on your car, house, student loans, etc. Most people consider their commitments and monthly living expenses first, then save whatever is left at the end of the month.

Nothing wrong with that approach, but you might find that it’s hard to save anything some months because expenses just seem to keep piling up somehow. Instead, try adjusting your approach to setting aside the money for your commitments and a fixed savings rate for yourself before planning your expenses.

Let’s say you earn RM5,000 per month and you want to save 15% of your income as a start. Then set aside the RM750 + your commitments first, then budget how you intend to spend the rest on your monthly expenses. This way, you’ll almost always keep to your savings plan unless something unforeseen happens like a visit to the doctor or your car breaks down.

#3 Maximise Cashback & Discounts

Smart shoppers know this trick – only buy the things you want on sale days if possible to save money while still having a lifestyle beyond just living paycheck to paycheck. It pays to do some research on brand sale days or hunt for coupons and discount vouchers on e-commerce platforms for the ultimate stack of savings on the same purchases you would otherwise make for way more at a retail store.

But for things like bills and parking – there are no discounts (unfortunate, we know). BUT you could earn cashback on your monthly bills and even some loan repayments when you pay using the GOPAY app. You already have to pay for those bills every month – so why not earn the cashback every month to use for your next bill cycle? It literally costs you nothing.



The best ways to save are the ways that don’t require you to make drastic changes to your financial and physical health. Taking on debt and eating less healthy food will have a long-term negative impact on your life if you’re not careful.

Opt for the small changes and habits you can make that allow you to save money consistently. These habits will help you become smarter with your savings after some practice.

Keep saving and earn as you pay with GOPAY!

If you have any complications completing your e-KYC verification, you may contact us via email at [email protected] or via Whatsapp at +60177353268.


GOPAY – How to Maximize Cashback Rewards on GOPAY?

GOPAY Pay and Earn

How to Maximize Cashback Rewards on GOPAY?

Which Malaysian doesn’t like to get a good deal? That’s probably why you’ve landed on this article – because you’re trying to figure out the best strategy to maximize your cashback.

Unlike other e-wallets that try to let you figure it out on your own (hoping you don’t earn too much) – we’ll show you how to maximize your cashback in every way on our app because that’s why you use our app.

Let’s get started!


Method 1: Group-Pay Bills for Family & Friends

Most people would use our app to pay their personal bills like their phone bills, entertainment subscriptions and utility bills. That’s cashback to you … but what if you paid for all your relatives’ or friends’ bills?

You could offer to pay their bills for them all through your account (you can register multiple bills for each category). Just collect the cash for their bills, pay for them via your GOPAY wallet and earn the cashback on their bills and yours!

Some of our housewife users told us they do that and it helps with family finances because they use the cashback to make smart purchases of groceries and entertainment for the family with the cashback, which helps housewives stretch every ringgit they can.

GOPAY Pay and Earn

Method 2: Refer, Refer, Refer!

Just in case you didn’t know, you can earn RM2 right into your GOPAY wallet for each successful referral you get.

This means they have:

      1. Used YOUR link to download the GOPAY App
      2. Completed their profile verification (e-KYC)

That’s it!

Just 2 simple steps. If you have 5 friends to refer to GOPAY every month, you’ll cover most of your water bill already!

You can find your unique referral link by following these steps:

      • Step 1: Tap on “Account” on the bottom right side of your screen
      • Step 2: Tap “Refer a friend” under the Quick Links section
      • Step 3: You should be able to see your unique referral code there.

Simply tap “Share” to begin sharing your links with your friend and family so they too can join in on earning as they pay with GOPAY!


Method 3: Join Our Social Media Campaigns

Now and then, we post up campaigns for our community because we appreciate all your support (you’re all awesome)!

Where? Our Facebook and Instagram pages!

We’re also currently having a campaign for all Astro users to join. All you need to do is to be the first 100 to register your Astro account under Bill Presentment in GOPAY and voila! You’ll receive RM15 GOPAY credits in your wallet within 5-7 business days.   

All you have to do is stay tuned on our social media pages (we would recommend hitting the notifications bell so you’ll never miss a post from us), and look out for all our upcoming exciting campaigns!

Final Thoughts

The best way to maximize cashback is to ensure you register all the bills you can that are eligible for cashback on our app so you don’t miss out on all the cashback you could get for just paying your bills.


Besides paying bills, you could also use GOPAY to:

      • Buy gaming credits (also with cashback!)
      • P2P transfer to friends & family
      • Pay loans (yes, you can also earn cashback)
      • Subscribe to Njoi and TVBAnywhere+ (I’m tired of saying this, but this is also with cashback!!)

Want to start earning as you pay? Download the GOPAY App today!