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Our Story

Back in 2018, GOPAY took root in Malaysia with a bold vision: to transform the way people handle bill payments. Driven by unyielding passion and unwavering determination, our team set forth on an inspiring mission to redefine and revitalize the entire landscape of bill payment services.

Beyond just mobile payments, our journey has evolved to embrace peer-to-peer transfers, enticing cashback rewards, and an array of complementary services. Our vision was crystal clear from the outset: crafting a comprehensive digital wallet experience that champions user convenience, all within a unified and seamless platform.

At GOPAY, trust, convenience, and efficiency form the bedrock of our ethos. From our roots as a digital wallet, we’ve empowered Malaysians to effortlessly execute swift and secure digital payments to over 150 billers, liberating them from the constraints of traditional payment processes. Our unwavering dedication drives us forward, constantly evolving and innovating to simplify and democratize digital payments, ensuring accessibility for all.