Success stories

Nurul Aina

Student, 20 years

I live in a shared house with other students, and if I don’t coordinate payments for our utility bills, we would probably not have any water or electricity right now! Housemate problems. When I heard that GOPAY gives you cashback for paying regular bills, I started using it as a way to get a bit of reward for all this free work I’m doing for my housemates, but I enjoyed getting cashback from paying for Spotify too.

I told my coursemate about it when she complained about getting her own roommates to pay bills too, and suddenly I had the first person in my network! I taught her everything about how to best divide all the bills in the house, which she later taught her own network too. 

Today I have 5 direct downlines, and 12 people under their network. Before even graduating I’m already running my own small business, all because my housemates were too lazy to pay their bills on time. 

Active since March, 2019

Andrew Lee

Student, 19 years

I began by offering to help my friends get phone topups and word spread. Everyone could just text me instead of having to go out to buy more credit, and I could finally afford to eat more than just economy rice every day. I was getting so many WhatsApps that my studies were impacted at one point, so I convinced my roomate to help take some of the requests by telling him about the commissions.

Then I noticed that you can earn commissions from games too, so I brought my PS4 from my hometown and let everyone use it, as long as they pay for their games and memberships through my GOPAY. I don’t get to play with my PS4 anymore, but the money I’m getting is probably going to cover the cost of my PS4 soon.

Active since september, 2018

#1 - pay instantly

Tired of standing & waiting in long-queues?

Whether you need to TOP-UP YOUR MOBILE, GAMING POINTS or need to pay your UTILITY BILLS & CONTENT SUBSCRIPTIONS, you can do it just while enjoying a cup of coffee with your friend. 

#2 - make money

Did you know you can actually earn money for paying? Sounds too good to be true, right?

Using GOPAY Digital Wallet, you earn every time you perform a transaction. Here’s how much you earn:

  • Up to 5% commission on Mobile Reloads
  • Up to 6.5% commission on Gaming Points
  • 20 SEN on each Utility Bill
  • Up to 20% commission on Content Subscription

#3 - earn more for helping out your closed ones

Just perform these tasks if you want to earn up to RM 50 commission & help out your closed ones in less than 5 minutes!
  • Top-up Mobile for your friends & family or pay their Mobile Postpaid bills
  • Reload gaming points for a friend
  • Pay utility bills for your relatives
  • Renew your friend’s iflix or NJOI subscription
Congratulations! You have just multiplied your commission along with tons of prayers & blessings from your friends & family

#4 - Safer, Secured

That’s right! 

GOPAY has 256-bit SSL encryption to ensure you perform safe transactions every time. When you pay using GOPAY Digital Wallet, your card number or bank details are never shared with the merchant.  It’s protected by a constantly changing technology called tokenisation.

#5 - New services & Experiences

When we say ‘Your feedback is valuable to us’, we mean it!

With our users’ constant support & feedback, GOPAY continues to add new services & enhance user experience to better serve our users. We are sure that one day, our users will make us the best Digital Wallet in South Asian Region.

Rumour: People say GOPAY is on-boarding e-commerce stores to give special discounts to its users on each purchase? Subscribe to our newsletter to know if it’s true! 

#6 - You Pay & gopay donates

Let’s unite to help good causes!

For each transaction that your perform on GOPAY app, we donate RM 1 SEN to your preferred organisation that GOPAY has partnered with. GOPAY will continue to look into collaborating with more organisation so that together, we can help those in need.