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Towards a cashless society

Become a GOPAY Programme Partner

Do you have a community, online or offline? Monetise your traffic by helping them pay everyday essential bills conveniently. 

GOPAY wants to give back to the nation, and what better way than to develop human capital? We want to be a social-orientated partner in community development that’ll tackle both sustainable work, and social issues in your community.

Benefits of being a Programme Partner

Get your own special partner code

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Dedicated PP Code

Once you’re selected as a GOPAY Programme Partner, you get access to a dedicated PP Code, which can be shared to enrich your community.
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Help your community pay bills & much more

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Pay instantly

At the core, now you’re all collectively spending less time in ques while still effectively managing payments with GOPAY. Now everyone has more time with their family, or perhaps some community events?
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Build an entire ecosystem within your community

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Build an ecosystem

Just think of how many bills & payment services your community pays every month altogether. Now everyone can earn from those bills & payments.
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Commission for yourself and your community members

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Everyone earns commission

Everyone in your community will gain access to sweeter returns because both of you will get a commission. It’s a win-win.
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Watch GOPAY Programme Partner Experience

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PTPTN Debt-Free with GOPAY

The cashless movement, or digital payments, is extremely important in today’s global economy. Instead of boring seminars, YouthsToday.com advocated for cashlessness in a really practical way—a GOPAY competition to see which student can collect the highest number of transactions in bills, mobile reloads and utilities.

The winner was a 24-year-old graduate from UTAR who clocked in 10,974 transactions. The best part? As a reward, we paid off her PTPTN loan in full. That’s RM33,709.19 off the youth’s shoulders—completely on us.

SPCA Selangor increased their cash reserves as a GOPAY

SPCA Selangor
It’s not easy for some Malaysians to part with their own money, even if it’s small amounts. That’s why SPCA helped the well-intentioned to make that leap in a really accessible way—just by paying their bills on GOPAY.

That’s 15,000 participants in the Selangor-wide campaign, plus donors. Not only does SPCA benefit from their Partner Code commissions, there’s an added 1 SEN donation made to SPCA on each transaction. That is probably quite a few more stray dogs saved from the streets!