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Earn commission for purchasing mobile reloads & gaming points, paying utility bills &  content subscription via GOPAY app.

Earn more commission by purchasing mobile reloads, gaming points or paying utility bills for people in your network via your GOPAY account. The more transactions you perform, the more commission you earn.

benefits of being a gopay agent

every time you make any cashless transactions or pay bills via gopay app, you will receive instant commission. earning more cash has never been so easy.

Earn Commission

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Be rewarded instantly

Earn commission into your GOPAY Digital Wallet upon completing any transaction
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Ease of conducting payments

Purchase Mobile Reload & Gaming Points, Pay your Utility bills & Content Subscriptions - anywhere, anytime!
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secure payment

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A Dependable Solution

256-bit SSL encryption to ensure your transactions are always safe
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Help those in need

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GOPAY donates RM 1 SEN

for each transaction performed by you on GOPAY app
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Be a GOPAY Agent

Everyone has bills to pay, why not earn commission for paying each bill? Use GOPAY app to pay for wide range of services such as mobile reloads, gaming points, utility bills, content subscription and earn instant commission. Just download GOPAY app and get registered.

How to top-up your GOPAY Digital Wallet

There are two ways you can top-up your digital wallet