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With all the feel-good conveniences we reward our users with, we want to keep the good vibes going by giving back to the environment. Our efforts in cultivating a cashless and self-sustainable community is strengthen by active social and environmental responsibility. We would like to thank YOU for supporting and playing a vital role in achieving our mission.

Each time you perform a transaction, GOPAY donates 1SEN to TREES and SPCA or a charity organisation of your choice.

If you want to add your organisation to our list, please get in-touch.


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A Stray-Free Selangor

We contribute to a Stray-Free Selangor with SPCA
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Donate to TrEES using GOPAY
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Preserve the Environment

We preserve the environment with TrEES (Treat Every Environment Special)
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Yayasan Maghfirah

You can contribute 1 cent for every transaction you perform to Yayasan Maghfirah.
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Perform transactions and start donating!