Success stories

of successful GOPAY agents

Just like Zakir, there are many GOPAY agents earning side income through GOPAY & playing an active role in transforming Malaysia into a cashless society.

We asked a few of them to share their strategies with us so that it may help others also to create a social impact in their lives and lives of people they care about.

Nurul Aina

Student, 20 years

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I live in a shared house with other students, and if I don’t coordinate payments for our utility bills, we would probably not have any water or electricity right now! Housemate problems. When I heard that GOPAY gives you cashback for paying regular bills, I started using it as a way to get a bit of reward for all this free work I’m doing for my housemates, but I enjoyed getting cashback from paying for Spotify too.

I told my coursemate about it when she complained about getting her own roommates to pay bills too, and suddenly I had the first person in my network! I taught her everything about how to best divide all the bills in the house, which she later taught her own network too. 

Today I have 5 direct downlines, and 12 people under their network. Before even graduating I’m already running my own small business, all because my housemates were too lazy to pay their bills on time. 

Active since november, 2019

Andrew Lee

Student, 19 years


I began by offering to help my friends get phone topups and word spread. Everyone could just text me instead of having to go out to buy more credit, and I could finally afford to eat more than just economy rice every day. I was getting so many WhatsApps that my studies were impacted at one point, so I convinced my roomate to help take some of the requests by telling him about the commissions.

Then I noticed that you can earn commissions from games too, so I brought my PS4 from my home-town and let everyone use it, as long as they pay for their games and memberships through my GOPAY. I don’t get to play with my PS4 anymore, but the money I’m getting is probably going to cover the cost of my PS4 soon.

Active since september, 2018

Christina Lim

Housewife, 31 years


Even though most mothers of my age don’t care about all this new technology stuff, I like to keep up with trends. It’s why I always ask my husband to upgrade my phone. At first, I used GOPAY to gain a little bit of income from my family’s bills. Then, I began offering to help my sisters pay for their utility bills, and every few months we would use the commission to buy a nice family dinner.

During one of these dinners I  explained GOPAY to my sisters, and together we came up with a plan. We would help other housewives do modern things like shopping on our phones, pay their bills and loans online, and even help to coordinate annual zakat payments.

I’ve made so many friends with housewives in my neighbour- hood, while earning at least RM500 every month, just with my sisters under my network. Thanks GOPAY!

Active since October, 2019

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